E1000 Central Station Control

Control and monitor your Mass Notification product from a central location. The E1000 allows the user to issue system activations and collect remote siren status via RF link or landline.

Features Whelen’s field proven COMM/STAT™ Command and Status Monitoring protocols. For fast, secure, and reliable communication.

The E1000 supports all of the features that are available in Whelen’s highpowered Voice and Siren product line, from individual command selection to user programmed command scenarios or call keys. With the selection of one call key, an operator may prompt the encoder to issue multiple commands.

With the included computer accessory software, you can connect the E1000 to a PC for Windows® based programming and data archiving.

E1000 Features

  • 16 row by 40 character backlit LCD display
  • 20 “HOT” call keys
  • 4 time of day call key activations
  • 2 remote input call keys
  • Automatic system polling
  • Base radio interface
  • Channel grant input for trunking radio systems
  • Super Capacitor back-up for time and date
  • Rugged membrane keyboard
  • Microphone for live public address
  • Computer interface USB
  • Speaker driver/amplifier status availability
  • 28 RDVM message capability
  • 24 hour clock, day of the week,month, date, year, and stand-by message displayed when encoder is not in use
  • May be used for mobile applications

Computer Interface Features

  • CD-ROM and USB cable included
  • Designed to communicate over a USB port with the E1000
  • Enables user to make configuration changes to the E1000
  • Extracts current configuration
  • Records a log file of activity

WARNING: These products may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, visit whelen.com/regulatory.


The E1000 is configured to make maximum use of call keys or pre-programmed scenarios. In addition, commands are grouped into easy to follow categories for warning tones, digital voice messages, speaker rotor direction (if applicable), test, and status. A numeric keypad section allows for individual remote addressing.

A 16 row by 40 character LCD display shows all keyboard and status activity. Command and status
information can also be sent to E1000 USB port.

All pre-programmed functions are stored in nonvolatile memory. Time and date are protected by a maintenance free internal super capacitor that never needs to be replaced.

For more detailed specifications, including dimensions, and electrical & environmental specs, download the Product Sheet.

Model Description Downloads
E1000 Activation control and monitoring unit. Product Sheet | Install Guide